Instant engineering and operational data intelligence

Industrial digitization

We develop and deliver intelligent engineering and operational solutions. Our solutions optimize the design and production of wind turbines as well as improve operation and predict maintenance of wind farms. Our data-driven insights cut through organizational boundaries, create transparency, and mutual benefits for both wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators.

We boost the entire technology platform by integrating operational technology (OT) with information technologies (IT). You benefit from new technologies, such as IoT and Machine Learning, as well as DevOps for agile development. We turn your business into a digitalized sustainable business.

On-demand data

Our Asset Integration Platform (AIP) – an open, cloud-based data-retrieval platform – helps you get data from your assets to those who create value with it – instantly and ready for use. AIP supports retrieving data from multiple asset types and multiple OEM brands. You can integrate with different brands and expose the data to your consumers in a standardized uniform way.

Your Benefits

  • A secure, scalable, and sustainable business
  • Highly automated processes
  • Predictive insight
  • Significant cost reductions
  • Swift decision-making
  • Centralized and consolidated data that can be trusted
  • Control of every asset – even when these are provided by different suppliers and located in different places

We help you all the way. From business strategy and product strategy to architecture and design, implementation and test, commissioning and operation, service, and support.

How we do it

We organize ourselves around specific customers and projects, doing away with traditional, rigid structures like frontend vs. backend.

We are not religious about agile, but we sure do love the power of a good scrum.

We believe in making a difference by being able to navigate, and advise about, the entire spectrum from technology to business.