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Enterprise Scada

Centralize your data to maximize your profits

Cyber security

Protect your assets while maintaining accessibility and resilience


The need to act swiftly – based on solid information – is ever increasing along with system complexity and vast amounts of data. At the same time there is an increasing need for data-driven, automated, predictive surveillance and control. Meaning valuable SCADA and BI solutions.

But it is a complex task to develop and implement SCADA and BI solutions. Common obstacles include lack of vital data – or easy access, unstructured data and difficulty of comparisson.

We deliver

Working with us will help you to easier collect, structure and apply your data for surveillance and control.

We have extensive technical and strategic experience with development and implemenation of SCADA systems. We use this experience to advise our customers and develop systems tailored to specific needs. We also offer advise on BI solutions; using your data as a solid foundation for important business decisions.

About us

Looking for the right partner to advise on or develop systems for data acquisition, control, BI and related challenges? A partner/supplier with an agile mindset who can combine structured and creative ways of working?

Maybe even the experience and passion to navigate the entire spectrum from technical challenges to supporting creation of business value?

Look no further – we’re that partner. Read more about us here.


Here is a glimpse of the clients we work(ed) for:

LM Wind Power

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