Front-end developer

SCADA MINDS is growing and we need more great minds to join our team! We are looking for a skilled front-end developer to help us deliver best-of-class data driven solutions to our clients in the wind energy sector and beyond.


About the job

At SCADA MINDS you will join a team of ambitious professionals and together with your new colleagues and our clients we will create advanced solutions to be proud of. Your main areas of responsibility will be to:

  • Create UI and UX concepts
  • Design user interfaces and interactions
  • Implement UI’s for web and mobile
  • Ensure the quality of delivered UI’s

You will work with agile projects in a team environment where you are expected to collaborate with co-workers and customers. As part of everyday work the job requires you to:

  • Participate in daily SCRUMs to plan, prioritize and collaborate
  • Find creative solutions to real world problems driven by customer value
  • Participate in planning and specification of new features
  • Implement new features and extend existing functionality
  • Support our customers with troubleshooting and resolving reported issues


About you

You have 2-3 years of industry experience, a relevant educational background and a keen interest in making complex workflows and large data sets accessible to end-users. Your ambition is to be among the best front-end developers with a strong desire to continuously improve and learn new skills, both technical and personal.

Delivering solutions with a great user experience is as important to you as developing robust, performant and maintainable code. You take pride and ownership of the projects you are involved in and we expect you to master:

  • Standard compliant and cross-browser web technologies, i.e. HTML5, JavaScript and CSS
  • Modern client frameworks, e.g. with practical experience from AngularJS, Ember or React
  • Creating wireframes, prototypes, mock-ups and UI designs with graphical tools
  • Development tools for writing, debugging and profiling code

In addition, we value experience in:

  • Working with back-end systems, e.g. designing, documenting and implementing REST API’s
  • Using version control, issue tracking system and other collaborative tools
  • Developing for multiple device targets, e.g. mobile and desktop


SCADA MINDS is a young company build on extensive experience from the energy sector, particularly with SCADA systems. Our customers include both wind turbine manufacturers and big utilities as well as other suppliers to the energy sector.

We are located centrally at Katrinebjerg, Aarhus in a vibrant start-up environment close to the University of Aarhus. Inspired by our location we strive to support a company culture based on continuous learning for everyone. As part of making SCADA MINDS a great place to work we value:

  • Work-life balance and the flexibility to honor your personal and work responsibilities
  • A challenging work environment with influence on design and technology choices
  • Social activities and team spirit
  • Lunch, fruit, coffee, gym facilities and other amenities



Send us and applications with your CV and a few words describing yourself to with the subject “Job: Front-end developer”. If you can showcase your work, like a Github profile, portfolio or similar, be sure to include it with your application.


Get on the industry train to ”Big-Data”.
Improve engineering insight and statistical abilities.

SCADA MINDS implements centralized surveillance and control systems for the industry. In the emerging discipline: Operational Intelligence. For example we store fleet-wide measurements and analysis for Vattenfalls fleet of wind turbines and implement monitoring systems that makes 100hz measurements for hundreds of sensors instantly available with 5+ years retention time.

The industry needs more systems like that and we need more people to grow. Therefore we are looking for 3 profiles that can grow together with us:

  • You create visual insight. Through a passion for visualizing large amounts of highly complex data in browser based, interactive interfaces you use modern web-technologies to take your ideas into code. You will be cooperating with experienced backend crews that puts terabytes of data at your instant disposal.
  1. You create tools for technicians. You can implement stable, semi-online WPF applications that will run without network and report back once online. Protocols and bit-banging over IP, RS232, USB,… is just your kind of fun. We provide domain-experts, experienced architects and UX people to help you.
  2. You can store and retrieve data. You are a backend developer that have mastered databases and NoSQL storage as well as technology stacks such as Web/REST via OWIN, signalr, LINQ and the occasional hardcore knowledge of cache-lines, seek-times and other interesting Big-Data subjects. You will get support from domain experts and experienced architects.

We offer flexible working-conditions, an environment that supports i.e. computer-science studies or thesis together with experienced and enthusiastic colleagues. We have individual salary negotiations to match your competences.

Please direct applications or inquiries to


SCADA MINDS is always looking for talented computer scientists, engineers, statisticians that want to create centralized value from distributed systems in agile environment focused on customer value.

If you can make significant contributions on any of these topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Send your application and CV to:

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