SCADA MINDS has been selected as the ideal supplier by Ørsted for creating a virtual wind farm.

Virtual Windfarm
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SCADA MINDS has been brought in by Ørsted to deliver a virtual wind farm that will support Ørsted Lab to test digital products before they are deployed on real-life assets. Ørsted will save crucial time and mitigate operational risks by testing their digital products in this virtual environment.

A growing need for digital techniques

SCADA MINDS is humbled to have been selected as the ideal supplier by Ørsted to deliver a platform for asset simulation to aid Ørsted’s development and integration of digital products in the business line of offshore wind power operation. The award covers a software testing technique (labelled “Wind Farm Simulation Tool”) which enables members of the Ørsted Lab to develop, deploy, and integrate digital products faster and more effectively.

Wind farms are becoming more digital, which means the need for new digital techniques, are not just optional but a requirement to save cost and operational risk.

The virtual wind farm will support Ørsted’s digital scalability goal by ensuring more effective integration of wind farm assets and improving quality assurance of the digital products within Ørsted Lab.

The development of the virtual wind farm has already begun, and Ørsted is currently able to use the technology and harvest advantages.

SCADA MINDS Partner Steffen Duve adds: “We are truly excited to have embarked with Ørsted on developing a simulation environment for quality assuring and de-risking integration of assets. We have for many years been a close supplier to Ørsted, and this project marks another high-value solution to be provided by the team of SCADA MINDS.”

Upon completion, developers at Ørsted will have a significant advantage as they have a simulated environment to test code before deploying it on real-life assets. The concept fits perfectly well with Ørsted, a leader in deploying new, innovative digital solutions like this one.