SCADA MINDS has developed a software solution that harmonises the way data from multi-brand wind turbines all over the world is collected, stored, and controlled.

  • Reduced reaction time and education times of technicians
  • Reduced costs through automated processes and agile development
  • Real time reaction and proactive prevention of unforeseen scenarios
Multi-brand turbine data facts
  • 120
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  • 1000+

In cooperation with our customer, a leading wind turbine manufacturer and service partner, we have developed a software solution that ensures the best possible service and maintenance of thousands of multi-brand wind turbines for as little as possible. The software solution harmonises how data is collected, stored, and controlled worldwide, making it easy and flexible for Operation & Maintenance to react in real-time and predict each single wind turbine’s service and maintenance needs.


CHALLENGE: Uniform service irrespective of brand and location

Our customer is one of the leading global manufacturers of wind turbines and has a large fleet of more than 1000 wind turbines under service across ten countries. The service organisation aims to ensure that multi-brand wind parks produce as much power as possible for as little cost as possible.

For multi-brand turbines to run smoothly and efficiently, the company has fully replicated the digital framework for servicing its parks. The software solution ensures the same level of service excellence, energy production, and an efficient cost structure, irrespective of the turbine brand and location of the wind parks.


SOLUTION: Harmonisation of data all over the world

We have developed a Scada Replacement (SR) solution, which harmonises how data is collected, stored, and controlled from multi-brand turbines worldwide. The answer is a web interface for Operation & Maintenance managers and technicians experts. However, everyone in the company has view access to data.

The SR solution has several key attributes: To service multiple turbine brands in a homogeneous framework, the software solution is highly flexible and adaptable from system design to architecture and usability of the web interface. Further, the software solution is highly automated to ensure the service organisation’s cost efficiency and competitiveness in the market, enabling new vendors to be onboard extremely fast. Many wind parks need an instant solution, and in two days, the service organisation can connect a new wind park with the solution, thus reducing lead time from several weeks to a maximum of 48 hours.

The core functionality of the SR solution is to collect all data produced by the turbines, store data into a database, and present data in a modern web application with drill-down features for users to control the turbines and change parameters if needed. The entire process is centralised, from collecting, storing, and controlling data to forwarding data to the service organisation’s central architecture.

The web interface gives users an oversight of each wind turbine in each country. Technicians can easily visualise which turbines do not function well based on live data and edit parameters to adjust and improve power production.


RESULTS: Real-time reaction and service predictions

The SR solution allows the company to service multi-brand wind parks in the best possible way, ensuring the wind parks produce as much power at minimum costs. The service organisation can see how all parks operate in one centralised view. Through live views of data and events, technicians can do commands in real-time, react to things immediately, and proactively prevent unforeseen scenarios. Maintenance of wind parks may be done on-site through a mobile device or at an off-site control centre thousands of miles away.

The solution brings down reaction times and maintenance costs based on very modern technology and agile development. Additionally, it saves personnel and reduces the education times of technicians. It is easily deployable and reduces lead time from several weeks to two days.

SCADA MINDS is responsible for the development, installation, configuration, security, user management, and disaster recovery. SCADA MINDS started developing the Scada Replacement solution in 2017 and has onboarded more than 70 parks since then. The ambition is to add more parks as the fleet grows.


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