Industrial digitisation for the global wind industry

Being an expert in industrial digitisation, we help wind turbine manufacturers and operators boost the utilisation of data to achieve valuable insights and simplify processes.
We develop and deliver intelligent engineering and operational solutions that optimise the design and production of wind turbines, improve operation, and predict the maintenance of wind farms.

We have provided the wind power industry with innovation and domain-specific expertise for years, and we are sustainable at the core of our business.

We support these UN Sustainable
Development Goals



Being a Minder

What we do

Instant engineering and operational data intelligence

The wind industry collects vast data from every site and asset worldwide. Common obstacles are lack of accessibility to data, poor security, scalability issues, and lack of support for sourced solutions.

We excel at clearing these obstacles for wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators.

Data integration

We specialise in end-to-end data solutions for the entire wind industry. We advise on the strategy, design and development of structured data streams and implement innovative engineering and operational data solutions we service and support.

Get instant, on-demand data through our open, cloud-based data-retrieval platform, Asset Integration Platform, where raw data are processed and sent directly to all parts of your business, ready for use.

Consolidate and verify your data. Wind turbine operators can completely trust their data and fully control every asset – even if there may be thousands of assets controlled remotely.

We have strong domain knowledge and a deep understanding of wind turbine manufacturers’ and operators’ needs. It provides a unique opportunity in which we can operate as an independent advisor in both situations.