Centralize data to maximize profits

The need to act in a swift, preventive and informed manner increases with the rising complexity of systems and the amount of data collected. There is also an increasing need for data-driven, predictive, automated surveillance and control – in other words valuable SCADA systems and solutions.

It is however a complex challenge with many pitfalls to develop and implement SCADA systems. We often lack vital data – or data are simply hard to access, unstructured and difficult to compare. Just to mention a few of the common obstacles.


Enterprise SCADA offers centralized insight and control that enables:

  • Operational intelligence and combined insight for global optimization
  • Consolidate and automate workflows for improved efficiency and quality
  • Explore and identify abnormal and inefficient behavior for reduced maintenance costs and prioritized effort

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Advice and solutions tailored to your needs

Based on our extensive technical and strategic experience, we advise our customers on development and implementation of SCADA systems. We also offer development of SCADA systems tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to collect, structure and apply your data for surveillance and control.

We are also experienced in dealing with SCADA security.
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As the world becomes ever more complex, the need for intelligent surveillance and control (automatic and manual) increases. Typical consequences of lacking surveillance and control are expensive downtime and inefficient operations – issues that SCADA systems address.

But in choosing a SCADA system, how do we find the right balance between requirements and solution? Who is the best supplier? How do we bridge the gap between business requirements and technical solutions? There are plenty of options out there and choosing the wrong ones is costly.

SCADA MINDS have many years of experience with requirement specifications, design, development, implementation etc. of SCADA systems. Especially the wind turbine business is one that we have extensive experience with and knowledge about.

We are excellent advisors on anything SCADA-related – from technical details to vital strategic deliberations.


As the complexity and autonomy of technical systems go up, so does the opportunity to collect and use interesting and valuable data. One could argue that the competitiveness of high-tech companies is directly tied to the ability to act both preventively and reactively based on data feedback.

But collecting and using data is usually a big challenge. Data are often incomplete or inaccessible. When you have them they are often incompatible, unstructured or otherwise unusable.

SCADA MINDS have many years of experience developing SCADA systems. We have supplied especially the wind turbine industry with many solutions.

We take care of the whole process starting with understanding business requirements over architecture and all the way down to writing the necessary lines of code.

Centralize your data to maximize your profits

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